SePower?L-selenomethionine:  Clear Compositionand Accurate Content

SePower? L-selenomethionine is produced by chemical synthesis which thecomposition is clear and content is accurate. Selenium in SePower? is 100% from L-selenomethionine.

But in selenium yeast, selenium % from L-selenomethionine is just 63% oftotal selenium. Even the same selenium yeast brand, different batches are withdifferent content of L-selenomethionine.

SePower? L-selenomethionine:Method of Analysis is mature and easy, which is easily for customers themselvesto do quality control.

SePower? L-selenomethionine  can bequalitative quantitative tested by HPCL, which the method is mature , reliableand the result is accurate ( USP, EFSA and Ministry of Agriculture in China isusing the same or similar methods). The customers can test the content ofL-selenomethionine themselves and easily do the quality control.

SePower? L-selenomethionine:More effective selenium nutrition to animals

High-efficiency selenium deposition rate

L-selenomethionineis the highest bioavailability. As a seleno amino acid, L-selenomethionine candirectly participate protein synthesis and largely deposited in  tissues protein, so it has a high depositionrate in animal products(meat, egg, milk).

Enhance reproductive performance ofbreeders and improve the health of offspring

L-selenomethionine can effectively pass placenta and breast barriers toexpress strong maternal effect. On one hand, it can enhance breedersreproductive performance. On the other hand, it can largely store in offspring to supply immunity protection andantioxidant effect.

Improve meat quality, increase meatcolor and reduce drip loss

L-selenomethionine can significantly enhance animal body anti oxidation,which effectively prevents myoglobin or oxygenated myoglobin from beingoxidized into

metmyoglobin, to increase muscle redness and reduce drip loss to improvemeat quality.

Specification and Dosage:

Product Name



SePower? 2000

(L-selenomethionine  II Type)

L-selenomethionine  and carriers L-selenomethionine ≥ 0.5%

Selenium ≥  0.2%

50~100 g/MT of  feed

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